quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2009

Aguas Claras

Hi everyone!
This is a photo from Águas Claras, where I live in DF. There are many apartment buildings and there is a constant growth of its population. When I moved to Águas Claras, things were very difficult around here, there were few bakeries, drugstores, gas stations and schools. There weren´t doctors or dentists nearby. Now they are building the second mall in the neighborhood and it´s easier to find things you need. On weekends, the streets are very calm and people usually stay home enjoying their families and resting. Most of people from here work at Plano Piloto and go to work by subway. I like living here!

4 comentários:

  1. Dear Erika,

    I loved your photo and to know a bit more about Aguas Claras. Can you believe I've never been there?!

  2. Hello Erika,
    What a nice picture. Aguas Claras is really nice. I just love it here. And as you said, now it is really cool and it has lots of stores and great restaurants.

  3. Hi Erika,
    I took the subway last Saturday to visit my nephew in Samambaia, and was surprised to see how much (and fast) Aguas Claras has grown. And it doesn't seem to stop! But the traffic is a bit difficult, isn't it?

  4. My God.. this place is really cute!!!!!!
    all green... :-)

    I have never been there.. but I think I would like to!